Princess Parties

Princess Jasmine Party


Princess Jasmine Belly Dance Parties are so magical. The smiles and excitement on the children’s faces are priceless. Seeing their eyes light up when I enter the room. With lighted candles balanced on my head, while belly dancing to a Happy Birthday song.

The fun really starts when the Princess and her friends join in. I teach them big hip circles, snake arms, head slides, Egyptian walks and fun shapes with veils. A game of musical magic carpets (a variation on musical chairs) is saved for the farewell. And to insure a happily ever after, the Princess is presented with a keepsake gift.

Here’s a youtube video of a Princess Jasmine Party I Belly Danced for.

Princess Jasmine Party


Hooked on Hookah

Belly Events Party

Parties & reunions are more complete with Hookahs. Enjoying the rich romatic shisha (tobacco) makes conversations more interesting.

Hookahs are great when shared with friends. It’s fun trying the different flavors. Mixing them and creating your own.

Adding Hookahs will transform your next social event from ordinary to exotic.

 My favorite Hookah Master ~ Arun Johny