Press Release for Fire Tray Performance at House of Blues

“Afrita Hanem” 1949 by Omar Fakhfekh. (English “LITTLE MISS DEVIL”1949)

SAMIA GAMAL in movie”Afrita Hanem” 1949 by Omar Fakhfekh. (English “LITTLE MISS DEVIL”1949)

Egyptian film about Asfour, a poor singer, played by Syrian musician Farid Al Atrache, who falls in love with Aleya, the spoiled daughter of his boss.

Asfour wants to marry Aleya, but her father won’t let the marriage happen due to Asfour’s class status. Asfour turns to a genie for help, but the female genie named Kahramana, played by noted Egyptian actress and dancer Samia Gamal, falls in love with Asfour instead, and has plans of her own for his desires.

Belly Dance scene with the legendary Samia Gamal, seducing Asfour.

Famous Turkish belly dancer Sema ( 1959) ~ In Black and White

Beautiful Belly Dance clip of Famous Belly Dancer Sema. Her back bends are smooth and graceful. You can see what a influence Marilyn Monroe had in the fifty’s. Sema has the same glamor girl hair.

 Sulty Sema



Belly Dancing with Fire Tray @ House of Blues Foundation Room

Fire Tray Belly Dancing at the Foundation Room at the House of Blues. I had the honor to be apart of the Intilusion show. If you like tropical beats + acoustic rock you would love them.