Belly Dancers for Parties

Having the best party is what it’s all about! Sometimes planning a party can be a little overwhelming, but don’t worry…Belly Dance parties are fun, interactive and are simple to book. Belly Dance parties include a special performance, lesson and lots of interaction with your guest. Your life as a host/hostess just got much easier.


Moroccan Themed Party

A Moroccan themed party is a great way to make your next celebration a night to remember. So if you are looking for some fun and a unique idea for your party. Then get your friends together and party like an Egyptian.

Here are some decorating ideas for your Moroccan party. A beautiful and colorful table top will create a Mediterranean environment. Use lightweight and brightly colored fabrics such as chiffon or silk to create a festive table cloth and runner. Check your local fabric stores. Often there will be a section of remnants that are perfect for decorating. For an easy Moroccan centerpiece a colorful glass or ceramic vase is perfect. This can be jazzed up by draping with beaded costume jewelry. Tropical leaves (real or faux) and gold curly willow placed inside the vase will be a nice touch also. Placing colored glass votives or teas lights will give the table a Kasbah touch.

Now the table has been set for your Moroccan party. So fill the air with the heady fragrance of dried rosebuds, broken cinnamon sticks, ginger slices, cumin seeds, and citrus peels presented in small glass bowls; and diffusing the scents of rose, cinnamon, and sandalwood essential oils in burners around the home. Drape luxurious fabrics in vibrant colors throughout the home. Opulent and rich are the operative words when choosing a color palette for this Middle Eastern gathering. Bold and vivid hues such as purple, fuchsia, and orange are best. Soft lighting is essential to capture the mood for the night. Colorful glass votives and tea lights should be place throughout the home. Play some Mediterranean music to set the atmosphere.

Offer your guests refreshing mint tea or spicy coffee in colored Moroccan tea glasses with ornate gold trimmings; and setting out condiment dishes filled with dried dates, figs, and nuts and olives. Keep the menu light, simple and self serve. Hummus (mashed chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice and garlic) served with pita bread, dolmas (warm or cold hors d oeuvre made of grape leaves stuffed with cooked rice, lamb, and onion), falafel (Middle Eastern food in the form of balls made from chickpeas and spices), Mediterranean couscous (tasty dish of tiny semolina grains), kebobs made from lamb, beef or chicken (lamb is traditional), and baklava (rich Middle Eastern cake made of thin layers of flaky pastry filled with nuts and honey) for dessert. Middle Eastern food is easy to make or can be purchased at most grocery stores.

Surprise your guest with a professional Belly Dance performance and lesson. The internet is a good place to find belly dance entertainment. Most dancers start by performing for your party to create the excitement. Some belly dancers will use props such as veils, swords and sometime candles. Following the performance the belly dancer teaches fun, easy dance basics. Egyptian walks, snake arms, hip circles, hip and shoulder shimmies are a few of the fundamentals of the dance.

Moroccan themed parties are more complete with Hookahs. Enjoying the rich aromatic shisha (tobacco) makes conversations more interesting. Hookahs are great when shared with friends. It’s fun trying the different flavors. Mixing them and creating your own.

Your friends will never forget how much fun they had at your Moroccan themed party. It might even become a event.


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