Happy 15 Years of Shimmies to Me!

Jamila at StratosI remember seeing my first belly dance performance at a Greek restaurant in Scottsdale, Az. The belly dancer was stunning in her beautiful costume.  She was also the owners wife, imagine that.  And I remember saying to myself, “someday I want to be a belly dancer.”  And so the seed was planted.

It’s been 15 years ago this Month that I began my belly dance dream. My friend and first teacher Samara introduce me to this beautiful dance. I still use the Zills she gave me to learn with and I always think of her when I use them. She told me that they should be upgraded, that the quality wasn’t very good. I couldn’t imagine using any other Zills.

I’ve danced in an award winning troupe, as a solo dancer for both public and private events. Some glamorous and some not so much. I cherish every opportunity to dance and meeting all the talented people in the belly dance community.

The photo provided is my first belly dance show at Stratos, taken by Easy Street Images.

Peace, Love & Shimmies,


Cleopatra in New York by Nickodemus

Jamila JohariOne of my favorite pieces of music. I use it for by candle dance often.

Cleopatra in New York


Have a Lucky Day!

Jamila JohariSt. Patrick’s Day is an enchanted time – a day to begin transforming winter’s dreams into summer’s magic.  ~Adrienne Cook



Best Live Entertainment Dallas

Throwing the best party is what it’s all about! Sometimes planning a party can be a little overwhelming, but don’t worry…Belly Dance parties are fun, interactive and are simple to book. Belly Dance parties include a special performace, lesson and lots of interaction with your guest. Your life as a host/hostess just got much easier.


Veil Belly Dance At Stratos

Veil Belly Dance performance at Stratos. Dancing to Natacha Atlas Mon Ami La Rose.


Belly Dancing Restaurants Dallas

Veil dance at Stratos. My favorite prop for my belly dance performance.


Going Away Party Ideas

Organizing a Belly Dance party is a great way for the guest of honor, friends and family to enjoy each others’ company before their departure. Belly Dance parties include a festive performance, fun easy to learn belly dance moves. And lots of interaction with the guest of honor. Send your friend, family member or coworker off in style and with some lasting memories.


Belly Dancers For Hire

Choreographed Belly Dance show performed in lavishly beautiful costumes. Show will include Veils, Sword, Candles and Drum solo. Great for any special event. Lesson and audience participation will be included.

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Belly Dancing Dallas

Jamila Johari


Belly Dance Shows

Jamila Johari

Amazing belly dance performance by Alla Kushnir.

Belly Dancer Alla Kushnir